Mecca – The Mid Study-Leave Crisis

Since getting back from Switzerland, i’ve been climbing outside as much possible. In the first weeks I focused on bouldering and did a few things like The Press (7B+) and Ben’s Roof Extension (8A).

After this I turned my attention the the route Mecca-The Mid-Life Crisis, the classic f8b+ route at Raven Tor (of course!).


I had tried this 2 times at the end of last summer. Despite knowing the beta it still took me a bit of time to remember it all and start doing some links. I was due to go back to University two weeks ago but wasn’t keen as I hadn’t finished the route! I’ve been trying to focus on exams and have been limiting myself to two sessions a week but my work still suffered because I was too psyched to climb in the day! Last Saturday I went to try the route with Ted Kingsnorth and conditions were good and I felt well rested. On my first go I thought I had it but I managed to slip at the last possible moment with my hand in the flake you clip the chains off! This can be seen in the video below!

I had another go yesterday but was a bit doubtful when I saw the heavy rain and wind when I woke up. I tried to revise till 5 then headed to the Tor to meet Adam Hodgson and Ted. Despite the grim weather when we arrived Adam was psyched and managed to crush his 8a project which got me really motivated to try hard on Mecca. Luckily everything went right and I was clipping the chains after an intense 2 minutes. Turned out I had split a tip on that go so I was super lucky! Psyched 🙂

photo 4

The plan now is to try and cram for the exams over the next two weeks then get on some new things from June to September. Psyched for some boulders and more power endurance routes!


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